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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Aug 29:2007 apples & eggs; Gretna marriage

Simeon WINES apparently stole some eggs, and had previously stolen apples. Ta Jenni for the fuller details of his record.
Still haven't seen proof of his parents however. Has anyone seen it to show which of the Simons of an age born Sth Petherton he is?

The details of the Gretna marriage of James THOMSON and Betty DALGISH didn't help with her identification, but did confirm the 1874 date, albeit 2 days later than they recorded on their children's birth certs.

The Margaret WIGHT mystery from a few days ago has deepened. Jan had also tackled this, but from a different angle. I haven't fully digested her version of events, but it looks like Margaret WIGHT married her shoemaker James WHITE and then took off. Neither of us can find her as WHITE 1851 thru 1881 but James is living in Jedburgh with his Mum and sister in 1851 and 1861, and alone in 1871 & 1881, his dth cert in 1887(?) apparently saying he was a widower (a lie).

Paul R has provided some details about PC Robert RICHARDSON of Blyth, which may get him onto my web pages in the near future, lack of sidetracks willing...

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Aug 28, 2007: Crossing the styx (Border)

Small world territory. Bridget has helped me a lot with my Cumberland research, and had a query about information available about a possible relation of hers here in NZ. Turned out he has a monument erected to him on Mt Egmont. I found a picture of it, and it looks amazingly like the one I have a picture of me and my Grannie sitting at the base of, back when I was around 10.
Which was incidental to her reporting that the Canonbie MIs she was reading had my TURNBULL family in them. No wonder I couldn't find a grave for them in Nichol Forest, I was looking on the wrong side of the Border. They may well have lived their entire lives around Nichol Forest in Cumberland, but when their son Walter died aged 4 in 1826 it looks like they buried him in his mother's home ground instead of theirs, Canonbie in Scotland. Robert's page has therefore been updated and the two children added to the web pages.

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Monday, 27 August 2007

Aug 27, 2007: Non swimmers, non FORTTified wines, ex empress of the French

After all these years I've finally had it pointed out to me that there's a convict in the family. Simeon WINES has been sitting in the db a long time, in Tasmania, but now someone has pointed out he didn't swim and ended up there rather involuntarily, so I've added him to the published family tree. Not that I've seen the final proof that this is the right Simon WINES, the family is quite prolific and there is at least one other candidate of an age.

And so much for finding Mary Ann d/o Jacob married to Richard FORTT. A grandson points out to me that the marriage cert. shows her father to be Jesse, not Jacob. One day I'll figure out where Jesse might fit in.

While fossicking around further to see where else she might have got to I did happen upon a Mary WINES enumerated in 1881 at Windsor Castle: Head of household, Queen Victoria, members of household included John Brown, Queens personal servant, and visitor Eugenie, occupation "Ex Empress of the French".

Also dotted and crossed several is and ts on the family of Agnes Johnston WHITE (she married John HENDERSON at Awamoko). My "family rumour" bits coupled with the Clan Johnston researcher coming at the family from the JOHNSTON end have fitted a plausible theory together that needs a few more bits to clinch things, but is looking good. I should be able to check a couple more things next visit to Wellington.

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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Aug 26, 2007: Who is James NOBLE? Yet more WINES

GenesReunited Hot matches are to blame for today's sidetrack. They've improved the system somewhat, so I paid more attention this time, and some twigs that have been untouched for years have had some attention. Not that the WINES need more twigs, they're already so prolific, but nonetheless, at least one family has been (mostly) brought forward to 1901, that of Jacob son of James & Rebecca (VAGG) WINES. Who needs more BROWNs in the family? At least the other dtr married into a rarer surname, FORTT (census data & birth index) or FORTH (Marr. index).

After posting the WC updates last night I checked my guestbook and found a renewed contact about the SINTONs who migrated south that I've not been able to conclusively link to mine. In checking where I'd got too on that lot, I was reminded of the link between Carole and my WIGHT/HALL correspondent Jan in Canada. The easier access to Scottish census data led me to reduce some of the duplication in my database and tidy up the family of James WIGHT and Cecilia LAING, who appear in my LornaPotential database (not yet republished).

BUT it left me with a larger mystery about the two Margaret WIGHTs born Bowden around the same time, c. 1811/1814 ish.

Two illegitimate sons exist either one to each of the Margaret WIGHTs, or both to one of them: a James NOBLE, born c 1845 Ancrum and a Thomas WIGHT born Bowden c. 1841. And I thought I had them straight, ie one Margaret WIGHT the dtr of Thomas WIGHT and Elizabeth FISHER, died 1882 Selkirk, informant son Thomas WIGHT, and the other, the dtr of James WIGHT & Cecilia LAING, died 1889 Hawick, informant brother-in-law George HALL (and turned out to be the widow of a shoemaker James WHITE).

James NOBLE is the fly in the ointment. I can only find one of them over the years, but he seems to be associated with both of the Margaret's! Last sighting of him is 1871 by which time he is a cabinet maker in Edinburgh St Cuthberts, with a visitor Margaret WIGHT born Bowden with him. However in 1861 he's shown, at least on Ancestry's index, as son of Margaret at Dunsdale Cottages, Selkirk, as is Thomas. I can't conclusively find the other Margaret in the 1861 census yet, unless she's the cook in Borthwick, MLN.

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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Aug 25, 2007: WC db updated; RICHARDSONs moved sth

WorldConnect db LornaHenderson updated. I appear to have updated some 370 people since the last update 3 weeks ago, 120 of whom are new to the online database.

Found a couple of the RICHARDSONs on the 1901 census rather further south than expected. Margaret and son George look like they're in Walton on the Hill, Dist of West Derby, Liverpool, where Margaret rather generously describes herself as widowed and George has become a bank clerk.

It also looks like Margaret's brother James might have finally married, a Frances Louisa HODGSON in 1892, and by 1901 has a dtr Sarah b. Doddington, NBL but I'm not that sure I've identified the right James RICHARDSON, shepherd born Scotland but living in NBL. I certainly can't find him in SCT 1881 thru 1901 and he was still alive in 1892 as he was the informant for his father's dth then, reg. in Jedburgh.

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Aug 24, 2007: DALGLIESHs et al

Ran out of ideas and sources to reach any conclusions about the assorted Betsy/Eliza/Elizabeth DALGLIESH or ELLIOTs, so decided to write up investigations to date and pop them on the web. Someone, somewhere might have the answers.

Mary's DALGLIESH family (of Bigholms, Par. of Langholm, Dumfries) appear to be well documented, and it looks like rellies ended up in both America and New Zealand, but too far away in relationship to James THOMSON to be of great interest to me, so I'm refusing to get sidetracked (that must be a first).

James THOMSON is now written up, as are the associated Elizabeth and Eliza's, and his Mum, Cecilia THOMSON nee SINTON, along with a revised SINTON chart.

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Friday, 24 August 2007

Aug 23, 2007: Was Betsey an Elliot or Dalgleish?

The plot thickened even further. Found James THOMSON in 1871 as THOMPSON, widower, which cast severe doubts on the marriage date year of 1870 given in son John's birth cert. in 1876. Hsekeeper with the family was one sister-in-law Betsey, unmarried, 25, b Canonbie, all as expected apart from the age, AND the surname, ELLIOT. I still can't find her in earlier census data as DALGLIESH or ELLIOT unless she's Mary's sister Eliza aged 6mths in 1841.

Went for another of the children's birth certs, Jessie's 1878 cert. It showed her mother as Betsy m.s. DALGLEISH, and gave a marriage date for James and Betsy of 22 Feb 1874 Gretna, which fits better with the 1871 census showing James as a widower.

Mary & Eliza(beth) DALGLEISH's mother Mary was a CARRUTHERS. There's a WorldConnect tree for the family that has Mary's parents in Ontario by 1843. Given I found Walter and Mary with family in 1841 in Dumfries, but 1851 the children were all living with their uncle at Bigholms, Langholm, maybe Walter didn't die, perhaps he emigrated? Pure speculation. And nothing to do with solving the mystery of Eliza/Elizabeth. I wonder what details would be on a Gretna marriage?

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Aug 22nd, 2007: A Gretna marriage

Can't even remember how or why I started this trail today, but I found Cecilia THOMSON nee SINTON in 1841 where expected, in Castleton (as Celia). This added a Jessie into the family whom I am assuming is a dtr. Ancestry transcribed her age as 32 and James as 30, but FreeCen has 12 and 10.

Spurred on by this I tried to extend the rest of the family forward to 1901, with mixed success. Son James did indeed marry Elizabeth DALGLEISH, or so his 1899 dth cert says. The informant for his dth was a (new to me) son William THOMSON of Hawick. By naming pattern, he should be the 1st son, so pre 1874. Still to find the family, or James, in 1871.

The plot thickened. Found William's dth and then his birth, but his mother on both was a Mary DALGLIESH, not Elizabeth. Sure enough, James married Mary in 1861 and I couldn't find a marriage to Elizabeth, in either the Scottish or English indices. The two groups of children do indicate two families. Can't find Elizabeth in census data prior to 1881 with any certainty, but her 1898 dth cert indicates she's Mary's sister, & of extremely variable age in assorted records. She may well be the Eliza, 2 yrs younger than Mary, living with their uncle in 1851 at Bigholms, Langholm.

I eventually succumbed to the birth cert of a son from the 2nd "marriage" (can't stand a mystery that's easily solved). John Walter's birth cert shows his parents as having married at Gretna in Feb 1870. And yes, they appear on a list of Gretna Green marriages at Achievements and certainly do NOT appear in the English marriage indices for that quarter anyway.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Aug 21st: 2007 GRIFFIN

Some dates added for the family of Edgar GRIFFIN and Matilda Lucy WYBOURNE, prompted by contact from Wendy, grddtr of Matilda's sister.

Does anyone know if this Edgar is the same Edgar who married a Winifred HEALEY or FAIRBRASS in 1936? Certainly there's both a Winifred and an Edgar GRIFFIN connected with the address No. 1 Line, Wanganui over the years.

Edgar's MI shows he was in the 1st NZEF SA War, and shows him as Cpl E GRIFFIN, Maori Pioneer Bn.


Sunday, 19 August 2007

Aug 19th: GenBlog Status

Getting closer to a format that matches my other web pages. If anyone has an inclination to help me sort out the stylesheet associated with GenBlog to solve the mysteries as to why I can't do the bits commented in the attached stylesheet I'd be grateful. I've spent far too long in trial and a lot of error getting it to where it is now and am tired of not being able to figure out very basic things that I just can't get right.
I want the heading and menu bar and first line of text above the posts to more closely match the styling of say


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Aug 18, 2007: Hendersons galore & Hounam

Odd how one thing leads to another. I finally found out that Second Site (my web page generator) has (always had?) a feature that allows charts generated in TMG to be included on the web, with photos included and still be able to link back to their pages on the site, if any.
So I've included an ancestor chart from Dad that also shows the siblings of the ancestors, and thumbnail images if I've actually included them in my database. But first I had to catch up on a backlog of photo scanning and processing, including some from my trip last year. Check out the new Henderson's galore page.

The clutch of WIGHT/HALL/STEVENSON names shown under the Recent changes index for yesterday/today are because I included the HALL/STEVENSON/WIGHT headstone photo from Hounam. I also added some pics of the Hounam church in the place index.
Reviewing the MIs transcript of the stone (it was pretty illegible) I decided that I have to rethink whether or not Isabella and James WIGHT really do fit into the family of James WIGHT and Isabella HALL. For the moment, I've included James Hall WIGHT and left the latter two there as siblings, however unlikely this now seems, given this makes two James' in the family, born about the same time.

Anyway, big brother has now been updated.

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Friday, 17 August 2007


A search of The Times archives on the Rev Adam SCOTT brought up the marriage of dtr Marion in 1924 to a David Anderson LAIRD, son of yet another Minister (did my extended family tree attend to the spiritual welfare of the entire British Isles from the tip to the toe?).
In checking back on the FAIRBAIRN & JARDINE families of Hawick, I realised I hadn't followed some of them thru later census records. Most of the family of George BROWN and Agnes FAIRBAIRN, previously in Jedburgh, have now been traced forward 20 yrs to Hawick, and one son's marriage found (Archibald BROWN to Lizzie SMITH or MILLER). A witness to this 1890 marriage was one Martin JARDINE, not that I've placed the latter in the tree as yet. Possibly he's related to the James JARDINE who married Mary FAIRBAIRN, aunt of Archibald, possibly not, but there is a Hawick connection.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


A day for the Bs (mostly).

On library duty for the local Kapiti Genealogy Society and had time to do a bit of checking for myself.

Several of the BARNFATHER family in Victoria, AUS have had marriage years added, also some birth and dth years confirmed/updated. No surprises.

And an email from a descendant of Fred BIDGOOD of Bayonne, New Jersey has provided some updates to her line (thanks Wendy). Always good to know that a potential census match I’d found was the right one. Subsequent family events have been recorded in Ohio (Fred’s dth) and San Diego (wife Isabel’s dth).

One snippet for the SCOTT (RICHARDSON) family (1918 dth of James Richardson SCOTT, s/o David and Margaret (RICHARDSON) SCOTT). My helper hasn’t been able to find the dths of his siblings, Robert R and Thomas Alston SCOTT in Scotland. Wonder where the Alston bit of the name comes from? This James R SCOTT was a 9 yr old visitor with a Hugh & Christian ALSTON in 1861.

Was debating with myself about whether or not to continue in parallel with the WhatChanged where the data is searchable and scrollable for up to 6mths worth of data at once, compared to individual messages only able to be filtered via the label search facility. And won. Given no messages are actually stored on my servers, only the templates and indices, I think I want belts and braces and will keep both going.

Thanks to Linda, the fate of John BLAIR, husband of Helen Margaret Dewar McGREGOR, one of the HENDERSON descendants, has been brought forward from a last sighting in 1874 up to 1901, with a new wife and another family, his first wife and child having died.

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Aug 14th 2007: Blog status

This is starting to look more like my other web pages, but I've a bit to do yet.
Can't figure out why the page title text doesn't match the other pages, and haven't yet tried to turn the menubar links into the buttons like on the other sites.

I will always try to LABEL posts with keywords.
These can be filtered on by selecting them.
To unselect, you seem to have to view the current blog, or I suppose you could use the back button in your browser.

I'm far enough there that I'll now start putting links to this on my other pages.

Happy browsing, I'd love to know if you think this is an improvement over my previous WhatChanged logs, and the guestbook combined.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Aug 12th, 2007

12th: Fairbairn chart updated slightly following contact from the wife of a descendant of Archibald and Elizabeth (HOUD) FAIRBAIRN. Hopefully more details to follow.
Also included a few of my favourite snaps in the links section above - one of the few non genealogy areas of my pages.

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Aug 11th, 2007

11th: Wight and Sinton charts updated and extended a generation downwards. This was prompted by contact from a person interested in Jane Wight SINTON, who married John MURRAY of Northumblerland, and from a posting in my guestbook by a 3rd cousin down the line of Peter Sinton WIGHT and Jessie Ellen DAVIDSON. Hope some updates to the tree result.
I've also been contacted by an Australian interested in the family of Jacob SPURR. Detals provided were scanty (no place data), but it looks very like Jacob, son of the Joseph who married Elizabeth HANNAFORD, with assorted LILLICRAP connections that may well prove to be inter-connections.
Not that I've finished fiddling with the web pages and tidying things up, but it's quite a relief to get back to the backlog of emails instead of staring at webpages and testing links to see what I forgot to change.

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Aug 9th-10th, 2007

9th-10th: I believe that all the web sites are now in place. Please let me know if I've mucked up any links in the process of shifting everything around:
This should take you in to the main pages with the necessary links to the most current pages, and this should take you to the slightly smaller version of the site more suited to non broadband users, or anyone wanting a left hand index of names to keep track of whilst browsing.

All the old Rootsweb sites are still in place and should have some links pointing off to the above two new versions.

Checked out the will/probate file for a John RICHARDSON who died at Wanganui in 1902 aged 68. Left everything to his 3rd son Martin, with proviso that eldest dtr Ellen and wife Bridget were allowed to continue living in the house they all currently lived in. No mention of the blacksmith son John (married to Annie Elizabeth TURCICH) whose 1915 dth cert. shows father John as a blacksmith, not a farmer. I'm beginning to wonder if there were two John & Bridget RICHARDSONs around at the same time/place, or was the father just versatile. John & Bridget's intentions to marry showed them as resident in Wanganui for 8 & 9 years respectively but I don't yet know where John comes from. Watch this space. It was the presence of a RICHARDSON blacksmith lviing around the same area as the newfound RICHARDSON relations that made me start on this family.

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Aug 6th - 8th, 2007

6th: to 8th: And then I got tired of the Rootsweb banners still mucking up my carefully crafted pages after nearly 4 weeks, so I took the plunge to actually pay for web space, and a domain name:
So I had to start all over again shifting things around, tidying up loose ends. This process is far from complete, but if you are reading this then I've at least got parts of the site back together & online.
The intention is to host all the trees I publish on my new host, ICDSoft using sub domains for the various separate components, such as familytree for my tree; research , which you've obviously found, for the what changed logs; grainger for Peter's Worcester Graingers; parkhill for Chris' Parkhills & Camerons; and computerstuff for my non genie bits.
Whether I'll leave the then duplicated sites on Rootsweb hasn't been decided, but at the very least they'll have pointers to the new sites, when I've finished the rejig.
NB The only two sites that have not had at least a preliminary working version published are:
the family tree one, where "big brother" resides and
Chris' Parkhills.
I don't want to know about links that don't work on those pages yet, but please let me know about missing links on any of the other ones on Likewise, please don't let me know about missing links on either rootsweb or paradise, I've not been back and tidied them as yet.

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Aug 5th, 2007

5th: Brought the remainder of my website pages into the fold and changed the look/feel of the Paradise hosted pages. All of my pages are now generated using Second Site.
Contact from Brian S in Oz interested in the family of William & Eliza J MATTERS in North & South Dakota then Washington. His interest being William's wife, nee STEVENS/STEPHENS from Cornwall. William is one of the Devon MATTERS/METTERS descendants.

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Aug 3rd, 2007

3rd: Brought Peter's Graingers of Worcester webpages up to the latest version of Second Site. No new data, just a new look, which I had great fun creating the images for.
All Rootsweb based sites are still best viewed using Firefox or similar browsers rather than Internet Explorer, banner code still not fixed.
Found a few more WIGHT descendants in assorted census records but had to hunt for them as they'd crossed back into Northumberland (Robert CAIRNS/Janet WIGHT).

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Aug 2nd, 2007

2nd: Added some updates to Chris' webpages. Still more to come as time permits.


July 30th, 2007

30th: Processed several small updates to assorted Devon CREBERs, DAWs and HAMLYNS being prompted by a few post-its added to my WorldConnect db LornaHenderson by a fellow researcher. Main ones were to the CREBERs in Vale, Guernsay, although one of the DAW twigs finally got a name, Nancy Tremain DAW and several others were advanced 10 yrs in age as I finally got round to looking for them in assorted census records.
Thanks to Robert some of the SCOTTs that stayed in Scotland have also been followed thru a bit more with accurate death dates/places.
None of the above are yet online however.

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July 29th, 2007

29th: LornaHenderson has been updated to correct the BARNFATHER data, which as I suspected, had at least one family completely mucked up and an extra marriage in there that didn't exist. No, Frederick James BARNFATHER didn't marry twice, the Valda Beryl that a couple of sites list as his wife is actually his dtr in law. Thank you Denise/Giselle.

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July 28th, 2007

28th: Added a link to the Rootsweb front page so that anyone having trouble viewing the site can find the alternate version to read on my Paradise pages, albeit with slightly less detail, fewer charts and no pictures. This version is now as up to date as the Rootsweb one.
Rootsweb are playing with their banners (the price I pay for the free hosting) and as a result completely mucking up the web settings. This mostly affects those still unenlightened enough to continue using Internet Explorer as their browser. For some reason the pages seem to look ok for those using Firefox as their browser, or at least it did to me today.

The next update should contain some BATY descendant updates, particularly down the BARNFATHER line as I've been contacted by a BARNFATHER descendant. Not exactly sure where she fits yet, but all will no doubt be made clear in time.

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July 27th, 2007

27th: Corrected a marriage date for William RICHARDSON and Agnes Weatherstone WOOD. I had entered 1881 instead of "after 1881". It was really 1898. In checking this, the 1901 census appears to add another son to the family as well, a James aged 2mths. As yet unverified. Tried finding out if Agnes Weatherstone WOOD's mother Mary Ann RICHARDSON was another relation but the trail went cold back at her grandfather, a Henry RICHARDSON, whose death certificate had "parents unknown", thanks a bunch to his son in law James WOOD who was the informant.

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July 22nd - 26th, 2007

22nd-26th: Contacted by a descendant of the Buttshead Mill KING/OYNS families of St Budeaux which lead to several updates. These will be reflected in the KING chart, thank you Roger.
I've found the RICHARDSON descendant who was knighted. In the process of exploring this line of the family I found yet another Berwickshire FAIRBAIRNs, but haven't as yet linked them to my lot. Can anyone shed light on the family of the Rev Andrew Martin FAIRBAIRN's Scottish forbears? His parents were John FAIRBAIRN and Helen MARTIN, and John's parents were James FAIRBAIRN and Helen TAIT of Legerwood.
I've added Sir Robert Russell SCOTT to the Rootsweb pages, and assorted updates to the RICHARDSON/SCOTT families will be reflected in the RUNCIMAN chart as a result.
I might even have a go at editing Wikipedia as it seems rather a come-down from being a head wallah in the Civil Service to find that references to him on Wikipedia lead you to an entry for Blinkie the Clown!

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July 21st, 2007

21st: Finally found the Rev Adam SCOTT and family in census data after 1871. Initial attempts were not helped by the 1871 ages being "out", in the transcription I was working from, his name being indexed as SECT in 1881 by Ancestry, and his having a different wife in 1891 to the one I was searching for him with.
LornaHenderson updated.

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July 18th, 2007

18th: Brought Chris' webpages "back to the future" by redeveloping them in the newly published upgrade to SecondSite. Wonderful program. Easy to get a completely different look/feel to web pages from TMG data. Now I've just got to do the belated updates to her actual data done!
On the RICHARDSON front there's a hint of a Sir someone or other SCOTT as a relation to them, who apparently announced the birth of Princess Margaret Rose, so I guess I'm looking for a SCOTT alive around 1930 and already a Sir by then. My assumption is that this would be one of Margaret SCOTT nee RICHARDSON's grandchildren, but which one?

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July 15th, 2007

15th: Oh the satisfaction gained from proving yet another theory. Yes the two Andrew William Alexander RICHARDSONs were related, father and son. Andrew RICHARDSON has been updated with the findings from his army record, and a picture of him from his obituary added (courtesy of Ian W in Oz). Also added Jane RICHARDSON from Morebattle to the web pages given I found her will and was surprised to find her brother was a Police Constable in Blyth, Northumberland, where one of her distant cousins down a different line now lives.
The RUNCIMAN chart will also show some additions given that the military file for "Capt Andy" also listed another son family had not heard of, a William Record RICHARDSON, whom I think I've found being buried in Dargaville in 1969 at age 72.
The DICKSON updates shown under recent changes were the addition of census data I'd not previously chased down, prompted by a contact on another DIXON line I initially thought was this lot.

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July 11th, 2007

11th: Continued working thru some RICHARDSON wills and inventories. When looking for Jane RICHARDSON, d/o James RICHARDSON and Jane RUSSELL I found that of Jane RICHARDSON d 1898 Morebattle instead, which has enabled me to extend the English branch a little. Her brother Robert was a Police Constable at Harbottle, NBL, and later Blyth, or so the will and inventory state, but census records only place him at Holywell and Bedlingon. Web not yet updated.

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July 7th & 8th, 2007

7th & 8th: Added Catherine RICHARDSON or PEACOCK & the 1853/4 James RICHARDSON to the web pages. The other "recent changes" for the 30th Jun thru 8th July are figments of your imagination, merely me fiddling in the background, although Andrew RICHARDSON has had some additional information added.
The RUNCIMAN chart has had quite a few additions as I was getting tired of not being able to find living descendants of this newfound RICHARDSON branch here in NZ, but could spot the son of Frances Rita LEGEAR in the States. So I used Skype and rang him, leaving a message and email address on his answerphone. Bingo. A prompt reply tells me he isn't interested in family history, but "some relation of my mothers", Grace in Haitaitai may be able to help me. Which she has, wonderfully. Including putting me in touch with a WOONTON descendant in Australia. Between us we've sorted out the family of James RICHARDSON and Elizabeth McCULLOCH, and reconciled the contradictions between the deaths of the infants in Australia and the fact that they were mentioned in their Aunt Catherine's will some 25 years later (quite easy really, later namesakes, all 3 born in NZ, James, Catherine and Thomas, plus I now had enough information to identify the missing Margaret and William as well, not that I know what happened to William as yet - love to hear from any descendents of William McCullough RICHARDSON).

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July 6th, 2007

6th: This RICHARDSON family sure moved round a lot. James Russell RICHARDSON Middling (he's the 2nd of three generations in NZ with that string of names) and Jnr have been found in Wanganui, along with the conclusive proof that the Ashburton JRR (the Jnr) was indeed his son. Dtr Rita moved a bit further than to Ashburton from Hunterville however, as she pops up in California by 1936 at least (as Frances Rita LEGEAR). "Russell" in Ashburton even went to London at the end of the war, having joined the Flying Corp and been sent off to Britain as an RAF Cadet, leaving NZ on Armistice Day! Ended up serving in the army 45 days.
Rellies database LornaHenderson updated.

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July 5th, 2007

5th: Have realised that Ann RICHARDSON, widow of Dunedin, who died 1931 Roxburgh, cannot be Annie RICHARDSON nee YUILL. She wouldn't have had time to produce all those children and grandchildren by then. Back to the drawing board.

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July 4th 2007

4th: Hope you like the new format web pages. It's been great fun reorganising what went were into much more (to me anyway) logical groupings of links and information. They come courtesy of an about to be released new version of Second Site which works with my TMG database.
The Paradise hosted Homepages site likewise has had a makeover.

As to what's actually new: I've included a DAVIDSON chart, and found out a bit more about the Otago RICHARDSON family, enough to make me link James Russell R. in as the son of James and Elizabeth, albeit that there is some confusion over his mother's maiden name: McCULLOCH or PEACOCK.
In the hunt for living relations I am trying to find descendants of the following children/grandchildren of an Ann RICHARDSON, widow of Dunedin who died in Roxburgh in 1931:
Elizabeth Jane CLARK, Joseph R, Isabel SUTHERLAND, George Lancelot R, James R, Eleanor CLARK, Eva WEDDELL, John R, and grandchildren Ronald John R, son of her son John and Pansy PERKINS, dtr of E J CLARK. This being in the hope that they can confirm whether or not this Ann RICHARDSON is nee YUILL or some other unconnected RICHARDSON.

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Monday, 13 August 2007


I'm in the process of transferring my current research log "whatchanged" into a blog.
If successful, this will mean that anyone can add comments to my research, provide updates, links, photos even I believe.
Be great to get some feedback that it is all working, and I'd love to be reassured that everyone else posting a comment gets a "word" challenge, to avoid the spammers.

Could be some time before I get the view of the blog to match the rest of my web pages, but I'm working on it.
When I've finished that bit, I'll integrate the links with the rest of my web site.

Hope to hear from you.


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