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Sunday, 21 June 2009

21st: New addition

Not all new additions to the trees are dusty old ancestors, welcome to a new SINTON descendant, Eloise Mary Francine on the 20th.

Coincidentally, I also had some unexpected updates to a early branch of the SINTON tree in that a FAIRBAIRN certificate I pulled from Scotlands People, which wasn't the person I was looking for, had on the same page, the marriage of one William TURNBULL and Elizabeth WEATHERSTONE (1884 Jedburgh). William's parents were Thomas TURNBULL and Jessie ROBSON, Jessie being the daughter of Isabella SINTON. So that led me to track a few more of this family through a few more of the records. Updates will appear in my db LornaHenderson on WorldConnect in due course.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

20th: Devon, Middlesex and NZ

Brenda has turned up an unexpected connection between her ancestors that makes some of the Taranaki families even more inter-related than before, albeit distantly.
On her RIDDLE forebears she turned up a family of MATTENLY (or MATTINGLYs) whose descendants married into one of her husband's, and my ROWE family, that of Frank COLLINGS' daughter Joyce who married George F GIBBONS. The same MATTENLY family also track down to Brenda.
The linkages, but not full trees, will be included in my WorldConnect database LornaHenderson in due course.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

13th: Ebissa Canute and Quendrid

I was stuck on my TURNBULLs, and had been contacted by a chap with an interest in Peter's GRAINGERS (in America rather than Worcester by this stage). Names like Canute, Ebissa, Quendrid, are rather more interesting to search, and excepting the vagaries of indexed versions of their names, mostly findable.
Peter's GRAINGER pages have therefore been updated with a few more twigs on the charts.


Thursday, 11 June 2009

11th: DNA special

Anyone still thinking about joining in the fascination of dna projects but put off by the cost, now is an excellent time to jump in.
Family Tree DNA are offering a great discount on their Y-DNA37 test, throwing in an mtDNA test for less than the usual price of just the Y-DNA37 and significantly less than the usual price for this combined test.
37 markers is a good entry level for genealogical purposes, and can always be upgraded to 67 at a later stage if interesting matches ensue.
Find your surname of choice, and join the relevant project.
The ones I have an interest in are all on the DNA Projects Portal, but a search at either the World Families Network pages, or Family Tree DNA will give you more options.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

10th: Turnbull twigs again

Confirmation received that Douglas Maes TURNBULL did indeed marry Madeline Hilda IZON in Hartford, Northwich, Chester, in 1914.
Didn't have a great deal of success with any subsequent sightings, other than a possibility of her being the Mrs Douglas TURNBULL arriving back into the UK from Montreal, with 3 yr old son Eric, UK address being Hempstead, Herts, future inteded residence "foreign".
Thought a name like IZON, father John Parnell IZON, might be reasonably easy to trace back a little way out of curiousity, but there are rather too many of the latter around for any certainty of identification.

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Monday, 8 June 2009

8th: One less OAG

A descendant of David and Johnina (BAIN) OAG has found me, and provided some updates for her branch of the family (many thanks Lindsay).
This revived my interest in attempting to verify, yet again, exactly how many children Johnina actually had.
I have been told 13 survived out of 22, and have (had) 22 names/dates, but I haven't managed to verify 3 of them. This latest contact makes me think that John born 8 Mar 1910 is one and the same as Jackie supposedly born 15 Mar 1911 (unverifed), especially when you realise that Hugh was verifed as born 15 May 1911 (bdm 43/145) and the only John reg. 1911 in Wick was 43/74, so unlikely to be a twin. The clincher for me being that Jackie died 1961 and the only death registration that matches is a John of the right age. So, my version of the family has shrunk by one child, and I'm still trying to verify the births of a Christina, supposedly married to a James someone, and of Janet supposedly married to John someone.

Any advance on 21 for poor Johnina, and married names for Matilda, Christina, Janet?

Bobby also provided some updates to descendants of John and Elizabeth (CLYNE) BAIN.

Of all of the above very little will be visible on the web pages, apart from the BAIN chart, which has been updated.

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