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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Jan 1, 2008: Day of "rest" to start the rest of the year

A day of rest. Sorting out the laptop (program versions, backups), figuring out what I need to do next.

And then distracted by a Guestbook entry from a DAWE relation down the line of Betsy GALE's son Edmund Charles MARTYN, and one a couple of days ago another of the HELSON/PEEK relations.

FamilytTreeDNA have extended the vouchers until the 4th of Jan (their website was down for a bit over the weekend), so if any SINTON, RUINCIMAN, FAIRBAIRNs out there would like to avail themselves of this offer and join their relevant Surname DNA project, send me an email (link in footer)
Even with only 1 member in the FAIRBAIRN project we hit an exciting match with someone else who had tested with the company. (You can read about that in the 2007:jul-dec log)

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