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Friday, 21 March 2008

Mar 20, 2008: Untangled TOZERs

Corrections made to the TOZER/DAYMOND portion of the KING chart thanks to a posting in my Guestbook by Eileen D.

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Anonymous Dennis Lee Cleven said...

I cannot believe you have my family members on your blog! I am the grandson of Olive M. Tozer. I see many of my ancestors on your blog including members of the Tozer, King, Creber, Daymond, and other family names. I hope we might be able to assist one another. My family came to the USA in 1912. I would very much like to hear from you in the near future. Thank you. All the very best, Dennis Lee Cleven.

28 November 2008 13:05  
Blogger LornaHen said...

Great to hear from you Dennis.
Check out my BMD data on the rellies, although that wont have anything on those presumed to still be living.

Check out for a basic CREBER chart
(This is down the Home link above on the Big Brother section of my web pages)

Anything you care to share in the way of updates would be most welcome.
There are contact details on most of the above pages, although I have just realised that none are readily apparent on these pages!

28 November 2008 14:25  

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