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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mar 17, 2008: Confirmed hunch re REY, willing ROWEs

Confirmation received that I was indeed on the right trail for at least one of the children of Thomas Storror HULL and Ada Trimble DAVEY. Ada Norah HULL married Leonard REY in Heavitree, Oct 1929, Leonard a buyer, son of a Peter REY retired civil servant, & Ada d/o Thomas HULL a woollen merchant.
Marion has written to the last address I have for a Colin who looks like he might be their son, given he was last known to be on the same street in Exeter.

Transcript received, from Ernest, of the 1858 will of James ROWE, h/o Elizabeth COLMAN, which has completely convinced Ernest and I that we have indeed connnected James up to the correct father, Matthias (as opposed to his being his cousin James bap, 1788, the son of John and Charity (BLAGDON) ROWE). He leaves the Kantham property he inherited from his father, to his son Henry Colman ROWE jointly with wife Elizabeth. It also provides an alternate surname for dtr Jane, who the Lydford marriages on GenUKi show as marrying a Samuel GORDON. She is referred to as Jane GOODYEAR in the will, and I now can spot the other half of her marriage on FreeBMD as Samuel GOODER.

LornaPotential updated, mainly to remove the Quebec families of William & David FAIRBAIRN in readiness to publishing them in the rellies database LornaHenderson instead, but that will take some time as I check off what I do and don't have.

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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mar 5, 2008: Correcting COLLINGS

Given the burst of activity on tracing the HULL/DAVEY family down to present day (and yes I did find the marriage of a Leonard REY and Ada Norah HULL - 1932 Exeter, so that is looking promising) I checked what else I might be missing on the related families.
I've had to bring Laura Ann COLLINGS back to last sighting 1891, rather than Pat's 1901 teaching in Suffolk, as that latter was a Laura A, with a sister Albertha E KING, widow, which is a different family of John & Elizabeth COLLINGS as far as I can currently tell, where Laura A is actually Laura Arabella Augusta, rather than Laura Ann, and Albertha E is Emma Sophia Albertha.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mar 4, 2008: Hokitika to NSW & HULLs of Exeter

Figured out where the newfound Australian branch of the FAIRBAIRN/BROOMFIELD/ADDISON family fits.
Michelle is the granddtr of Agnes May (aka Maisie) BARLOW nee WHITE, who obviously skipped the ditch and married in NSW.
I used the opportunity to track down a likely descendant of Agnes ADDISON nee BROOMFIELD's in Hokitika and update the tree. My last flurry of activity on this line was back in 1996 and ended up with a lot of "s/he married, and has x children", so there are still quite a few gaps to plug on that line. A quick search of the Electoral rolls did rather lead me to think, oh dear, I've left this a bit late, as the names I did have were of the older generation, and none were still around, but a punt on a likely surname in Hokitika got me started again.
The FAIRBAIRN descendant chart has been updated - yet again.

Also turned my attention back to DAVEY descendants. Marion would like to ensure that old ROWE/DAWE letters she has from her mother are kept in the family, so we are back looking for descendants of Thomas Storror and Ada Trimble (DAVEY) HULL.

Last known address Polsloe Rd, Exeter, 1922, two children, probably born around 1901-1905.
I've pieced together a plausible story that these are Kathleen Alice T HULL born 1901 and Ada Norah HULL born 1904, both the only HULL births registered in the District of St Thomas, Devon where Thomas and Ada married in 1900, but this is as yet unchecked by certificates or other means. Kathleen appears to have died aged 11 in 1913, but it looks like Ada married as I can spot the death of an Ada Norah REY, registered Exeter in 1991, with a birth date that would match this Ada Norah, and a Leonard REY of about the right age also dying in Exeter, so am currently trying to find anyone researching this possible family, or any descendants. There's also a Colin REY of Exeter on the electoral rolls, but only up to 2006, and he is of Polsloe RD, so that looks promising, other than he isn't in the current electoral roll, or the phone book online.
Does this ring any bells with anyone? Love to hear from you.

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