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Monday, 21 September 2009

21st: Blog shifted

If you have this blog bookmarked, please change from here ( to there (
It no longer looks quite as integrated into the rest of my web pages but publishing on the blogspot servers seems to make the search functionality work, and not just within the blog.
Use the Google search box below the link list, rather than the search box at the top in the dark blue navigation bar.


Sunday, 19 August 2007

Aug 19th: GenBlog Status

Getting closer to a format that matches my other web pages. If anyone has an inclination to help me sort out the stylesheet associated with GenBlog to solve the mysteries as to why I can't do the bits commented in the attached stylesheet I'd be grateful. I've spent far too long in trial and a lot of error getting it to where it is now and am tired of not being able to figure out very basic things that I just can't get right.
I want the heading and menu bar and first line of text above the posts to more closely match the styling of say


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Aug 14th 2007: Blog status

This is starting to look more like my other web pages, but I've a bit to do yet.
Can't figure out why the page title text doesn't match the other pages, and haven't yet tried to turn the menubar links into the buttons like on the other sites.

I will always try to LABEL posts with keywords.
These can be filtered on by selecting them.
To unselect, you seem to have to view the current blog, or I suppose you could use the back button in your browser.

I'm far enough there that I'll now start putting links to this on my other pages.

Happy browsing, I'd love to know if you think this is an improvement over my previous WhatChanged logs, and the guestbook combined.

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Monday, 13 August 2007


I'm in the process of transferring my current research log "whatchanged" into a blog.
If successful, this will mean that anyone can add comments to my research, provide updates, links, photos even I believe.
Be great to get some feedback that it is all working, and I'd love to be reassured that everyone else posting a comment gets a "word" challenge, to avoid the spammers.

Could be some time before I get the view of the blog to match the rest of my web pages, but I'm working on it.
When I've finished that bit, I'll integrate the links with the rest of my web site.

Hope to hear from you.


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