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Monday, 17 March 2008

Mar 16, 2008: FAIRBAIRN patriarchs, more HENDERSONs

Began wading thru some FAIRBAIRN wills to try and sort out some inconsistencies in some of the published trees.
As a result, I've updated the Patriarch's page on the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA project to show some of the alternatives that may exist to previously published data.
Caution is recommended, check both my and other's data and reach your own conclusions.
Participants for the project on other lines particularly welcome. I can't quite believe that all three people currently tested all match, there have to be other lines out there somewhere!

The James LAPPIN/Marion HENDERSON branch found below (12th) has proved rather prolific. Robert has provided me with a heap of 1918 to 1940 birth extracts for the family in Lanarkshire, firstly Newlands, Uddingston, then Tannochside, then Bellshill, then Bridgeton, Glasgow. If this rings any bells for you, I'd love to hear from you. Marion is the dtr of William HENDERSON & Marion AITKEN, and these LAPPIN children are my 3rd cousins, from the Archibald branch of the family of James HENDERSON & Amelia MILLAR that remained in the UK when all the rest of the family emigrated to NZ.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mar 12, 2008: Yet another Archibald HENDERSON

GenesReunited has come up trumps with a new Hot Match.
A new contact showed up with a match on Archibald HENDERSON & Agnes TODD. Although she isn't a relation, I now know a bit more about what happened to their son William, last seen as the informant for his wife Marion Glen HENDERSON nee AITKEN's death in Glasgow in 1908, and before that in Torpichen in 1901, with three dtrs, Ellen Haddow K, Amelia and Marion.
At the time I couldn't find William's death, bit too hard to pick which he was likely to be. The GR contact, Moira, had a year, which I've now confirmed, and found that the Procurator Fiscal got involved as the cause was expanded from the medical diagnosis on his death cert to include the information that the injuries were "by accident received through fall of portion of wall of shaft in colliery". So I guess there was a colliery accident in Bothwell around Dec 1925/ Jan 1926, his spinal injuries being of 8 months duration.
Couldn't spot a fatal accident report on the excellent Scottish Mining Villages web site.

Found dtr Marion's marriage, to yet another LAPPIN, which seems to not be as unusal a name as I thought, as I found when I did an index search for likely births following the 1917 marriage and quickly gave up on that idea.
Another branch of the HENDERSON family has a LAPPIN, but without a lot more work, I cannot see any immediate connection.
William's second marriage (1919 to an Annie HALLEY nee CAMERON) appears to have produced yet another Archibald HENDERSON for the files, another second cousin once removed to be found.
Brief HENDERSON chart updated.

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