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Monday, 4 February 2008

Feb 3, 2008: BENNETT birthdays

January gone already?
Flurry of activity on the family of Edward BENNETT and Betsy DAWE, prompted by a descendant (grddtr) of Mabel VIGUS finding me. What's more she has supplied me with transcripts from two birthday books, so I've been having fun trying to identify everyone. Managed to do so for most, but not all. Several BENNETT children obviously belong in the generation after the 1901 census, and as they were born prior to the birth index showing the mother's maiden name, I don't know which BENNETT son they are likely to belong too (apart from the one whose parents have hopefully given the game away by including SLOWMAN in his forenames).
Brief DAWE chart updated, as is the fuller one on the main pages.
And with a number BDMs exact dates supplied, and registration places now checked, I'll probably do another WorldConnect update soon too.
This brings the surnames from the DAWE/BENNET marriage to: ASH, LISLE, SLOWMAN or SLOMAN, VIGUS, BLATCHFORD and MOON, with the next generations down having: BAKER, WIDDICOMBE, JENKINS, BORRETT, MITCHELL, NANCARROW, GOWING. It also adds another Australian family into the mix, Edith Mary BAKER nee ASH dying in Sydney at age 94.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

July 6th, 2007

6th: This RICHARDSON family sure moved round a lot. James Russell RICHARDSON Middling (he's the 2nd of three generations in NZ with that string of names) and Jnr have been found in Wanganui, along with the conclusive proof that the Ashburton JRR (the Jnr) was indeed his son. Dtr Rita moved a bit further than to Ashburton from Hunterville however, as she pops up in California by 1936 at least (as Frances Rita LEGEAR). "Russell" in Ashburton even went to London at the end of the war, having joined the Flying Corp and been sent off to Britain as an RAF Cadet, leaving NZ on Armistice Day! Ended up serving in the army 45 days.
Rellies database LornaHenderson updated.

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