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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

15th: Tax avoidance!

The only sure things in life being death and taxes, it was long past time to deal with the latter, so I've had to restrict my fun with genealogy for a while. Nearly there, as the accountant will be glad to hear.
Couldn't resist the occasional treat of a foray into assorted emails and updates though of course.
One lot wasn't even my family.
Quite some years ago I did some research for Peter on his Worcester GRAINGERS. One family that I uncovered in that I published with the rest purely because I liked the names (Quendrid, Oswin, Egbert, Canute, Ebissa), and hadn't researched whether or not they were Peter's relations, although it did look quite likely given they too were from Claines. It turned out that at least one descendant of Canute GRAINGER thought so (in Illinois), and kindly shared the information she had been provided with. And then today, up popped another contact, in England this time, with information about Peter's 4*greats uncle Theodore.
So I thought it was time to update his web pages. Theodore proved a bit of a puzzle, as I've concluded he married three times and went by several different names: Theodore GRAINGER, Theodore WHITEHOUSE, Theodore Whitehouse GRAINGER, and may or may not have married firstly Mary FARMER, secondly Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE and thirdly a Catherine.
No wonder he was a bit hard to find in the records.
Can anyone confirm my educated guesses?

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